From South Carolina to Bethesda House

February 6, 2020

Bethesda House isn’t a “shelter”. Bethesda House is a home, a community, and a starting point.

This beautiful young woman came to Bethesda House in September of 2018 from South Carolina 4 months pregnant and looking for a new start. Since that time, she has not only given birth to a beautiful baby girl, but completed a massage therapy program, purchased a car and now is about to celebrate her baby’s first birthday. We are so incredibly proud of the hard work and dedication that she has put into her education program, life skills training, and Bible study.



Best of all, she is a SPECTACULAR mother whose daughter will grow to admire the lengths her mother has gone to to make their lives better. We are grateful for the trust this young woman has put into this ministry.

” At Bethesda House, I don’t have to stress or worry about where I’m going to find diapers or wipes or how I’m going to pay my rent or how I’m going to get to school. I can just really focus and not stress about how I’m doing financially. Bethesda House has helped by giving me a place for me and my baby that is safe. I have an abundance of things for my baby that I wouldn’t have if I wasn’t here. I’m really blessed with all the support here, people are so loving.”


All of us at Bethesda House are so proud of her and look forward to continue working with her as she begins her career and continues to grow in God’s love.

Congratulations on your graduation and happy birthday to these two amazing ladies!


 From South Carolina to Bethesda House