Bethesda House is growing and has moved to our new beautiful home

We successfully reached our goal of raising $125,000 in May of 2018 allowing Bethesda House to give a brighter tomorrow to young women and their children.

Grounded in Faith. Transforming Lives. Building Hope. Bethesda House.

PEMBROKE– Bethesda House, a faith-based temporary home for mothers and their babies was previously located in a quaint Pembroke neighborhood that opened in November 2016 and has as of 2018, has provided support to ten young women.  In 2018, Bethesda House embarked on a new opportunity to provide even more second chances.  We are pleased to announce that we have purchased a large residential building that has been outfitted to house up to EIGHT women and their babies, giving them an opportunity to learn life skills and become self-sufficient.

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“Bethesda House has been a complete game changer for my son and me. When we arrived at Bethesda House around Thanksgiving 2016, I was feeling very lost. Through the love, compassion, and support of Bethesda House, my son and I have been able to experience the love of Jesus. I can now confidently say I have hope for the future.”  –RR

NEW HOME: Our new 8-bedroom home in Pembroke is in a location that will foster independence by giving residents access to public transportation, a grocery store, pharmacy, bank and playground.  Each mom and baby has their own small bedroom, eliminating sleepless nights caused by babies sharing rooms. Most importantly, we are now able to help more women improve their lives and the lives of their children.

OUR NEED:  Several generous contractors and local businesses committed to help with labor and materials for our remodeling project, dropping renovation costs from ~$194,525 to ~$125,177.  Supporters rallied to help raise the remaining funds needed just as our project was coming to an end. Our annual fundraisers continue to subsidize monthly donations that are used to run the house. You can always make a donation to Bethesda House at any time!

View and Share Our House Campaign Video
Bethesda House is reaching out the community to spread awareness and request support for our new house campaign. The Bethesda House moms give amazing testimonials in this newly released video.  Please be sure to share it!


OUR MISSION: To provide a temporary home that is safe and nurturing for young mothers, either pregnant or parenting their baby.  The basis of our home is built on God’s love and how life can be transformed through a relationship with Jesus.

OUR MODEL: While living at our home, young mothers are enrolled in an educational plan or job training program so mom and baby leave with the necessary skills and knowledge to be self-sufficient.  Bethesda House assists mothers in accessing benefits to aid in the support of mom and baby, as well as teaches mothers parenting and life skills.  Our volunteers model the love of Christ and guide them spiritually so our moms come to know His love.

We have a lot of work ahead of us but are trusting in God to continue to provide just as He has done since the vision of Bethesda House came to light.  Thank you for taking the time to read and consider supporting Bethesda House in any way that you are able.

Yours in Christ,

Missy Porter, RN

Co-Founder/Director of Bethesda House