How to Register and Pay Online: 
  1. Complete the Team Registration Form below
  2. Submit the $400 team registration fee (Due by June 1st).  Online Paypal payments will incur an additional charge of $12.50 to cover fees. Mailed payments must be postmarked by June 1st.
  3. Print and complete the BHST Team Roster, which is due at the tournament check-in.
  4. Please print and have each player sign the BH Tournament Agreement Form, which is also due at check-in.

The last day to register is June 1st.  Your registration is not complete without submission of the Team Registration Form and the non-refundable Registration Fee.

Team Information

Note: Teams are responsible for supplying their own jerseys. Tournament t-shirts may be worn as alternates (all players will receive the same color tournament jersey). "Home" teams will be required to change uniforms if jerseys between opposing teams conflict.

Contact Information


Tournament Agreement

I waive and release any and all claims to damage against Bethesda House, Inc. and its agents and authorized representatives conducting the Bethesda House Soccer tournament, as a result of any and all illnesses and injuries incurred.

I agree to abide by all decisions as rendered by official tournament staff and will be responsible for conduct demonstrated by all of my players, coaches, and spectators.

I understand that my actions and the actions of my team, coaches and spectators may jeopardize my invitation to future tournaments hosted by Bethesda House, Inc. and that Bethesda House, Inc. reserves the right to require anyone who is not exercising sportsman like conduct to drop out of the tournament and leave the premises.

In addition, I authorized Bethesda House, Inc. and Bethesda House Soccer Tournament volunteers to take and use any photographic images of team members for promotional purposes.

By typing my name below, I agree to all of the above statements.