Apply to Live at Bethesda House

Bethesda House is a faith-based home for pregnant women and new mothers, providing you with love and hope for the future. While staying at our “home,” you will be linked with educational programming so you and your and baby leave with the necessary skills and knowledge to be self-sufficient. Mothers interested in living at Bethesda House are invited to complete our online application.
We’re here for you!

Bethesda House Has Moved

Remodeling of Bethesda House is complete and the moms and babies have moved in!  We achieved our fundraising goal of $125,000 through amazing support from our generous community. Labor and materials were donated for a number of the various projects and cash donations made up the rest of our remodel costs. All of the glory goes to God for bringing our vision into the hearts of the people who made our new home possible.

A special thank you goes to our monthly supporters whose donations fund the monthly living expenses for Bethesda House. We could not run the house without your reliable support. To become a monthly donor please visit our Donate Now page.

Our Mission

kenzie newborn


To provide a temporary home that is safe and nurturing for young mothers, either pregnant or parenting their baby.  The basis of our home is built on God’s love and how life can be transformed through a relationship with Jesus.


Grounded in Faith. Transforming Lives. Building Hope. Bethesda House.


il_570xN.548486693_9aq1Our Model

While living at our “home” young mothers are linked with educational programming so mom and baby leave with the necessary skills and knowledge to be self-sufficient.  Bethesda House also assists mothers in accessing benefits to aid in the support of mom and baby.  Parenting through formal classes and informal teaching are an integral part of daily life.  Basic life skills are taught as well. We model the love of Christ so these moms come to know His love.  All of this is encompassed in Biblical teaching.

Bethesda House is a 501(c)3 non-profit fully run by volunteers so that we can maximize the impact of all donations.