Direct Care Volunteering


Direct care volunteering can take a few different forms:

Babysitting Team
One way you can give direct care is by joining our Babysitting Team. Support includes infant and toddler care.  The mothers will provide instructions for her babies’ feeding, napping and play.

Transportation Team
With a lack of public transportation on the South Shore, we rely on volunteers to drive the moms to and from their schooling, doctors appointments, etc.  That precious time in the car can lead to some of the best conversations.  A simple “Have a great day!” or “Good Luck!” or being an ear after a long day is so crucial to the support we offer the moms here at Bethesda House.

Evening Care Team
Our evening care team helps new moms establish healthy evening routines. They monitor meal prep, discuss healthy food choices and preparation techniques, participate in family-style dinner, oversee clean-up, and organize an evening activity while encouraging good social interaction, modeling a healthy family atmosphere.

There are numerous opportunities to use your God-given talents for direct care volunteering that can fit just about anyone’s schedule, depending on your availability. Everyone’s help is valuable!

Please note that these positions require that you sign the Bethesda House Statement of Faith.

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.

If you would like to work directly with mothers and babies, you must sign up for a volunteer training session which are typically about 3-hours and held every other month. You can also attend a training session to familiarize yourself with our organization, our mission, and with the various ways to support Bethesda House. There is no volunteer commitment when attending.

Please note that all positions require that you sign the Bethesda House Statement of Faith.

** If you need to cancel, please email so that we may assign your seat to another registrant.**

If you have already completed a training session and are able to help Bethesda House in any of these areas, please contact Missy Porter at If you have not completed a training session, please use the form below and schedule your session to learn about the ministry of Bethesda House.

In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ’It is more blessed to give than to receive.’

Acts 20:35

How To Become a Bethesda House Volunteer

  1. Register for a direct care volunteer session below prior to attending one of the events.
  2. Print and complete the following three forms and bring them, along with a photo ID, with you to your training:

All training sessions are held at First Baptist Duxbury at 2 Tremont St., in Duxbury.

We welcome you into the family of Bethesda House!

Register for an upcoming session:

All sessions take place at First Baptist Duxbury located at 2 Tremont St., in Duxbury. Come 15 minutes early for registration and refreshments!
** If you need to cancel, please email ASAP so that we may assign your seat to another registrant. **