Support Pregnant or Newly Parenting Mothers and their Babies

Bethesda House is a home in Pembroke, MA that provides young pregnant and newly parenting mothers and their babies a safe place to live and thrive. We welcome moms from all over the country and provide them with the resources they need from education, and a job track to love and faith.

This year’s Christmas Giving Program is a gift card drive to support the moms and babies in our home with household goods to keep our home running efficiently.

Purchase Gift Cards Online:
Purchase an Amazon Gift Card
Purchase a Walmart Gift Card
Purchase a Target Gift Card

When sending e-cards, please set the email address to or mail to Bethesda House, PO Box 227, N. Pembroke, MA 02358.

Of course these stores are provided merely as suggestions, Bethesda House is appreciative of any gift card or cash donation.  Or, you can make an online cash donation.

For more information about Bethesda House, please visit:

** Host a Christmas Tree in your business location! **